President’s Message

February 2018

History repeats itself.

As we all prepare to celebrate Purim, I am not going to go back to the 4th century BCE to talk about a horrible person. I am merely going to go back only as far as the 1990’s to talk about another “Purim like” event and another horrible person.

In the 1990’s we, too, had our Haman. He wanted to rule the world and annihilate the Jews. He did not use a lottery to pick the day. Any day was a good one to launch a SCUD missile. He launched more than thirty SCUD missiles into Israel and only by the grace of G-d was no one in Israel severely injured or killed in any of these attacks.

The world, nearly united, began to push back and on the 14 of Adar in 5751 the hostilities came to an abrupt end and the Haman of our day, Saddam Hussein, was no longer able to either try to rule the World nor launch another SCUD missile into Israel.

Haman, like Saddam Hussein, were both hanged. The eerie irony of History?

Jacques Behar