Social Action

Congregation Brith Sholem is a member of Ogden’s Interfaith Works, a consortium of area houses of worship whose mission statement is, “Honoring our diversity, we seek to live out a common voice in response to human suffering.” Interfaith Works projects have included raising funds for the Northern Utah Food Cooperative, a clothing drive for families of a local elementary school, annual walk-a-thons, and a book drive to obtain books for Head Start children. Other charitable causes, community action, and informational meetings are undertaken by the group throughout the year. Although Brith Sholem is a small congregation, we are always well represented in Interfaith Works’ worthwhile efforts.

David Whitney’s Mitzvah Project

In late April, David Whitney and his family delivered all the children’s books he collected for his bar mitzvah project to Ogden Head Start. Diane Downs, the Education Supervisor for Head Start was just thrilled with all the books. She was not only impressed with the quantity of books donated, but was happy that they were in such good condition.The total donation of children’s books was 262. However, Ms. Downs informed us that because Head Start is Federally Funded, the U.S. government will match the ―in-kind donation‖ dollar for dollar. So, since the estimated value of the books donated today was $786, the Head Start program will now receive a check for an additional $786 to purchase even more books for the kids!

David would like to thank all the members of Congregation Brith Sholem who supported his mitzvah project by donating children’s books.

Gabby Sheet’s Mitzvah Project

For my mitzvah project, I collected money, unopened bags of candy, and snacks (like individual sized bags of chips, beef jerky, etc.) to help raise money for the special needs kids at West Point Junior High. The money will be used to buy items to be sold at their weekly *snack shack*. Proceeds from their *snack shack* go to fund their field trips and other events.

Miranda Foster’s Mitzvah Project

For her mitzvah project Miranda has been volunteering at the Boys and Girls Club of Box Elder County in Brigham City. She works at the after school program with kids ages 6-10 years. She puts in two hours every week. She helps the kids with homework, teaches crafts and as- sists the adult leaders. She has put in 12 hours since she started and she plans to continue. The Boys and Girls Club has recently sent her a letter of acknowledgement for her service, recognizing the impact she has made on many of the children.