Regular Services



Worship services at Brith Sholem are typically held each week in celebration of Shabbat. Most weeks, we hold services on Friday evening beginning at 7:00. We occasionally have services on Saturday mornings (beginning at 9:00 or 9:30) in addition to or instead of Friday evening services. Please consult the calendar for details on upcoming services. Friday evening services last about an hour; Saturday morning services last 1 1/2  to 2 1/2 hours (depending on whether they are preceded by Torah study) and include reading of the weekly Torah portion. Our services are led either by a lay member of the synagogue or by our Student Rabbi, who spends one weekend a month with us during the academic year.  Services generally include a combination of prayers, readings, and songs in both Hebrew and English (virtually all of the Hebrew is transliterated in the prayer book).

Other Holidays:

We hold services for the High Holy Days (Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur) every year, and occasionally for other Jewish holidays such as Simchat Torah and Shavuot.


Although the atmosphere at Brith Sholem is informal, it is traditional to dress up a little to respect and honor the Sabbath and other holidays. Men and boys customarily wear kippot/yarmulkes  (skullcaps) while attending services. A tallit (prayer shawl) is worn by adults during daytime services, but not in the evening. Kippot and tallitot are available in the foyer for those who do not bring their own.

Siddurim (Prayer Books):

On Friday evenings we use either Likrat Shabbat or Mishkan T’filah, depending on the preference of the service leader. On Saturday mornings, we use either Siddur Sim Shalom or Mishkan T’filah.


Brith Sholem’s worship services are highly participatory. Members of the congregation are encouraged to sing along, join in the discussion of the Torah portion, and stay after services for Oneg and conversation. Please visit the Melodies page to hear samples of the versions of blessings, psalms, and songs that are customarily used at Brith Sholem. You may also wish to consult the Service Guides page to learn more about how our worship services are conducted.


Our Shabbat  evening services are followed by an Oneg (social hour) with challah and pastries provided by volunteers on a rotating basis. If you would like to volunteer to bring challah or pastries–or to provide oneg in honor of a special occasion such as a Bar Mitzvah or baby naming–please email the Oneg Coordinator. If you find that you are unable to provide challah or pastry after you have received an assignment, it is your responsibility to find a substitute; please check other Shabbat services on the calendar and contact another volunteer to see if they could swap with you.

Shabbat morning services are typically followed by a (dairy) potluck Kiddush luncheon. Please consider bringing fruit or vegetable trays, a dairy dish, or baked goods to share.